How Xircus solves these problems?
Xircus provides a cost-less solution to create and launch a custom and native marketplace. In six easy steps, DApps and NFT creators can create and launch their very own NFT marketplace within minutes. Watch this video to see a demo. We will be launching on the mainnet beta soon.
With Xircus, NFT creators and DAPPs do not have to get their tokens sold through a third-party marketplace. In effect, they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and wait for months to launch their own custom NFT marketplace to sell their non-fungible assets. Advantages like Zero-commission on sales, perpetual royalty, near-absolute control of their marketplace not only empowers Creators, DAPPs and NFT Collectors but also benefits Xircus Ambassadors and Token Holders.
Xircus also addresses compatibility issues. DAPPs and NFT creators can deploy smart contracts to any EVM compatible blockchain. They have total freedom to choose a blockchain network of their choice.
In addition, the Xircus platform has many other exciting and advanced features for NFT marketplaces. Marketplace creators can also use custom features like special contracts for Music and Games, Subscription and Fans Membership Tiered Access, set their own curation rules, tag clone or fake items minted in the collection, and have their own NFT marketplace for themselves or their community launched using Xircus platform utilizing their own cryptocurrency token or XMT (Xircus Marketplace Tokens).

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