Short term roadmap "Xircus platform release" :
We are a community-driven transparent platform. We love to challenge ourselves. Here's the list of goals we have set for ourselves which we are partly already unfolding in reality!:
Q3 2021 — Phase 1.0 (public soft launch)
  • Xircus 1.0 (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Onboarding first users
  • 3 token sale stages
  • Mainnet launch
  • Music features for music-related marketplaces
  • Features for influencers
  • Initial Dex Offering (IDO)
  • The Graph protocol integration for faster graph queries
  • Onboarding 500 ringmasters and dApps
  • Complete EVM compatible-blockchain integrations
  • Complete special collection deployer and contracts
  • Upgradeable Music UI and Sport UI Marketplace themes
Q4 2021 — Phase 2.0
  • WASM contract creation for Solana, Flow, and Near
  • Xircus mobile app (iOS + Android) release V1 with a crypto wallet and AR features
  • Xircus NFT TV App
  • Onboarding 2500 ringmasters
  • Cross-promote marketplaces
  • More marketplaces themes
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