Michael Molina — Co-founder (Linkedin) Software Solution Architect with 15 years of solid full stack web, mobile and desktop development, blockchain, devops, cybersecurity, and technical team management experience. Worked and managed projects from top fortune 500 companies in the US, AU and UK such as USSLC, Disney, MTV Networks and Wholefoods Market. Startup founder of a same-day delivery company in the PH
Falco Pangkey — Co-founder (Linkedin) A marketing leader with 15 years of passioned experience in disrupting the industries; Founding member top-200 project “Locktrip” a decentralized ecosystem and marketplace for hotels. Advised and worked on multiple FinTech/blockchain projects from London-based digital banks to even non-crypto projects at “TBWA” one of the biggest agencies in the world and a top #3 employment agency in The Netherlands
The Xircus Team consists of professionals with years of crypto experience in several popular projects like Akash Network, Mantra Dao, Chainlink, Cosmos and many more.
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