DAO VIP Marketplace
To become a member, a user should buy an NFT Avatar from the XIRCUS Avatar Marketplace. Only 10,000 of this NFT Avatar will ever exist, and it's resell-able. Prices starts at $1,000 worth of XIRCUS

What are the benefits as a VIP DAO member?

  1. 1.
    VIP Lounge - offers early-stage opportunities, financing future projects, pitch circle
  2. 2.
    Voting - opportunities to vote up on marketplaces, platform fees, proposals, charities and contests
  3. 3.
    IDO Launchpad - VIP members can only deploy IDOs, and notify other VIP members to participate
  4. 4.
    Weekly Newsletter - receives weekly updates of progress, market updates and crypto news
  5. 5.
    Early Access - to future products and features

How does the NFT Avatar looks like?